We are experienced tour consultants and are here to help the process easy, so you can have a great experience.

  • Where can we go?

    You can tour just about anywhere in the world where it is safe to do so. Gullivers has extensive experience in the UK and Ireland, across Europe, the USA, Asia and New Zealand. Talk to us about what you want your tour to achieve and we can suggest destinations which will offer the very best opportunities for your group.

  • What are some of the benefits of touring?

    Touring is an amazing way to gain deeper insights and more powerful motivations. It inspires you to explore, experiment and experience things beyond the everyday. This produces an open and searching mind. Not only this, when you tour, everyone grows in personal confidence and becomes more self-reliant, organised and responsible. Students learn how to be more independent, expand their horizons and become globally aware. Touring helps young people become confident, reliable, diligent members of the group, and therefore members of society and citizens of our world.

  • Why go on tour?

    Touring lets you gain experiences which are not available at home. By going overseas, you take your group to the very heart of its subject in a way that books, movies and websites can never hope to match. Take the music for example. Music speaks symbolically, therefore powerfully about us. It is inextricably linked to culture, history and place, and intimately connected to religion, philosophy, politics and economics. When you tour for music, you are able to put yourself in the very centre of where it all happened (and is happening now) and generate a deep understanding and authentic knowledge base which cannot be achieved any other way. What better reason to begin planning your tour with Gullivers!

  • What is not included in a Gullivers Tour?

    There are always a few things which you need to be aware of when planning a tour. Things like airline fuel surcharges and departure taxes cannot be included as they constantly vary. These will be calculated and explained about 3 months before you depart. Passports are an individual requirement every traveller needs to organise for themselves. Sometimes a visa is required and Gullivers can advise on the best way to organise these. Gratuities (tipping) are often advisable for tour managers, drivers and local guides if you are happy with their service. Gullivers can suggest amounts and advise you of easy ways to organise this for your group.

  • Do we need travel insurance?

    Travel Insurance is essential and available from Gullivers Education Travel. Our Comprehensive Policy with Suresave Travel Insurance activates coverage at time of policy issue. It is highly recommended you purchase your policy as soon as funds are paid towards your trip. This will ensure peace of mind for a number of unforeseen circumstances that can occur both prior to departure and during your trip. Please ask your consultant for a quotation and full details on the policy coverage available.

  • What is included in a Gulliver’s Tour?

    Gullivers Education Travel can assist you with every aspect of your tour. We offer complete packages which include flights, transfers, accommodation and the main events at the centre of your tour. Great options which most groups take up include:

      • – your own coach and tour manager throughout your stay
      • – local sight-seeing and walking tours
      • – entry to sights and attractions with English-speaking local guides
      • – just breakfast, or all meals in hotels or local restaurants

    Talk to us about how we can make your tour comprehensive and hassle free so you can sit back and enjoy the experience.