Leonardo da Vinci      

International Choral Festival       

Florence, ITALY   

     11-14  July 2017

     10-13  July 2018

      9-12  July 2019

One of the world’s best choral festivals with unique opportunities not only to compete, but to perform with other choirs from around the world. This occurs in daily concerts and in a collaborative project  where  combined  choirs  and  orchestra  sing  opera  choruses  in  the Teatro Verdi, Florence’s glorious opera house. Categories for choirs with orchestra, strings or jazz ensemble are also offered. There are great awards and all the venues are simply stunning.​​

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Michelangelo International Music Festival
Florence, ITALY

     April 18-20 2017    

     April 17-19 2018

     April  9-11  2019     

Another great festival in Florence for all ensembles and styles -  orchestras, bands, strings, choirs, jazz bands and more, from early music to the contemporary, from children’s and school ensembles to adult groups. Join in the true spirit of music making which crosses borders of age, language and culture.

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